Come back often to check for new tips and challenges.  Dietitians of Canada has 

a great app called eaTipster that gives you tips daily.  


February 22, 2017


Try the same old foods in different recipes.  We are so lucky to have such a wide variety of spices and seasonings at our disposal for relatively cheap.  Bulk Barn and Bins and Bins make it easy to pick up small amounts of spices to try in new recipes.  Some times adding new flavours to foods can bring new life to them.  Try the usual foods in your diet in new and exciting recipes!  Make food fun again!  



January 3, 2017


It's New Years Resolution Time!  I actually think resolutions can be made year round and I'm that person that will say "why not now" when people say they will start their dietary/lifestyle changes on Monday, or after Christmas, or after my birthday.  However, New Years is just as good a time as any to start changes.


Try setting SMART goals:

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Action-oriented

R - Realistic

T - Time framed


I always encourage setting behaviour related goals, for example, "I will try out this new gym twice per week for 1 month" rather than "I will lose 15lbs in 2mths".  

Also, be realistic with your goals, can you achieve it 80% of the time?  If so, it's realistic. 


Check out information from Eat Right Ontario about setting SMART goals.  



December 22, 2016

Tip #  15

Look for opportunities for physical activity - take a walk after dinner to enjoy the lights, take a few laps around the mall before it opens to do some Christmas shopping or take guests to local attractions.

My two cents:

It's really nice out there, hard not to smile when you see cheerful displays on peoples yards.  I passed two houses that were playing music yesterday evening, it was magical. I'm a cheese ball I know, but it really is nice. 


December 21, 2016

Tip # 14

At restaurants, the portion sizes are usually huge - almost always "two for the price of one."  Request appetizer portions, co-order and co-eat with your dinning partner, or have the server package up your meal to go as soon as you feel satisfied.  Remember, "super-size" is no bargain if you didn't need that much food in the first place!

My two cents:

I don't really have two cents for this tip.  One more tip to go, and it's a good one!  Stay tuned!


December 20, 2016


Tip # 13

Before having a cookie, a piece of fudge or other holiday treat that was laid in the break room, check your hunger level.  If you're hungry and you choose a favorite food to satisfy you, remember to sit down and eat mindfully - no guilt.

My two cents:

So those M and M's I was telling you about yesterday.  I ate them, and didn't really want them to begin with, ranted about them a bit, but you know what... I enjoyed them.  I sat down and ate each one individually.  I didn't thrown a mini cup full of M and M's in my mouth for 1 single taste.  No, there were maybe 15 M and M's in my mini cup and I got 15 tastes of M and M's.  Remember to sit and really taste and enjoy all the sweets and treats that are making their way into your life this holiday season, that's what they're meant for...enjoying!  


December 19, 2016


Tip # 12

It's common to have candy and snacks lying all over the place this time of year.  Avoid indulging in food just because it's there.  Grazing unconsciously leads to extra calories that you probably won't even remember enjoying.


My two cents:

TRUE STORY! Chocolate and treats everywhere!  I have a candy cane sitting on my laptop right now, good thing it's not Doritos!  I did have some M and M's this morning before lunch.  They were tasty, I'll probably have some more before the day is over, despite the fact that I have 4 clementines, 1 banana, 10 celery sticks in a little baggie beside me, 3 flavours of yogurt in the fridge, 2 pieces of whole wheat bread in the fridge and PB in my drawer.  Not eating these candies and snacks is difficult (even though there are many other more nutritious options), my preference would be to not have them around at all and if I really want M and M's, I can go buy some. 



December 16, 2016


Tip # 11

Be cautious of "obligatory eating" - avoid eating just because it is on the table, on your plate, because you paid for it, it's free, or because someone made it.  Deal with Food Pushers with a polite but firm, "No thank you".  If you're concerned about hurting their feelings, ask for the recipe or a small portion to take home with you for another meal.  


My two cents:

I bet if a co worker brought one of these gorgeous, homemade snow man cupcakes in to work, it would be very difficult for you to say no.  If you tried it and didn't like it, I bet most people would probably feel bad for throwing it out.  This is obligatory eating, it's free, someone made it for you and now you feel bad for not finishing it.  This happens so often! Sometimes I try to take half instead of the whole thing (which many people hassle me about, oh well), and if I don't like it, I may quietly try to give it to someone or ... gasp... throw it out.    


December 15, 2016


Tip # 10

Be aware of the effects of alcohol on your food intake.  And don't forget that many beverages contain calories too.

My two cents:

For anyone who has had a few drinks, what happens to eating those chips or peanuts or salty foods?  Are you like me and all reasoning flies out the window and it becomes a free for all?  Those Doritos are so much tastier after a few drinks.  



December 14, 2016


Tip # 9

Since the duration of the meal tends to be extended at social events, you may need to have your plate taken away (or put your napkin on it) once your are satisfied to avoid nibbling unconsciously. 


My two cents:

Another tip I find helpful thorughout the year, especially when I am dining out.  I often find I am full before I am fiished my meal and am so prone to just wanting to finish it becuase there may not be that much left.  Sometimes I remember that I don't have to finish it and can either take it home or leave it.  Sometimes I end up munching on those cold nasty fries just because they are there.  It happens to all of us!  Remember these tips to help control this at times.


December 13, 2016

Tip # 8

If the food doesn't taste as good as you expected, stop eating it and choose something else.  

My two cents:

This can be hard if you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or have trouble throwing food out.  I get it, it's hard, but sometimes it's not worth it to eat food you don't like to spare someone's feelings, sometimes it is.  


December 12, 2016

Tip #7

If the food is so special, give it your full attention rather than eating on autopilot.  Eat mindfully by reducing distractions and sitting down to eat - even if it's just a cookie. Appreciate the appearance and aroma of your food and savor one small bite at a time by putting your fork down,  You'll eat less food but enjoy it more.  

My two cents:

This is another tip that can be used all year round.  Why not make it a habit to slow down and taste and savor everything you eat all the time?  Tasting and savoring food may help to keep you satisfied with less.  Give it a try!


December 9, 2016


Tip # 6

Survey all of the food at a buffet before making your choices. Choose the foods that you really want most at that time and remind yourself that you can have the other foods at a later time.

My two cents:

This tip comes in handy throughout the whole year!  My big thing is Doritos, I know that Doritos are always available at a store within minutes of me at any time.  It helps to really think about if I want those doritos now or if I can wait for a bit more.  Knowing they are available at any time means I can get them when I REALLY REALLY want them, but can hold off a little longer if I don't need them right now.


December 8, 2016


Tip # 5

Socialize away from the sight of the food.  People who tend to overeat are "food suggestible" so just hanging around food causes them to eat more than they need.

My two cents:

HELLLOOO!  That's me!  I'll hang out by the tree next time.  


December 7, 2016


Tip # 4

Pace your eating prior to the event so you'll be hungry but not famished at mealtime.  But please, ignore the old diet advice of "eat before you go to a party so you won't be tempted". That is absurd!  You want to be hungry enought to enjoy your favorites.

My two cents:

I've done both, starve myself all day, only to over do it and eat before going, only to over do it and feel icky.  There's gotta be a better way!  What I try to do now is get in my fruits and vegetables before the party, enough protein to stay satisfied.  I know that at a pot luck party, if I have the choice of vegetables or swedish meatballs, I'm going for the meatballs.  


December 6, 2016

Tip # 3

Think of your appetite as an expense account.  How much do you want to spend on appetizers or the entree?  Do you want to save some room for dessert?  Go through this process mentally to avoid eating too much food and feeling uncomfortable for the rest of the evening.  

My two cents:

I tend to have more of a taste for salty than a sweets.  I can see myself spening my "appetite acocunt" on the appetizers than the entree or dessert.  If I had a preference for sweets, I may want to check out the desserts first and make sure I save a little room for them, or heck, go nuts and have dessert first! 


December 2, 2016


Tip #2

Be a food snob.  Skip the store-bought goodies, the dried-out fudge and the so-so stuffing.  If the food you select doesn't taste as good as you expected, stop eating it and choose something else.  Think of how much less you'd eat if you only ate things that tasted fabulous!

My two cents:

This is my favourite tip of the bunch.  I kinda think if I'm going to overindulge at any time, it's gotta be at least worth the taste.  I don't know about you, but there are so many parties and gatherings, it's hard to not be surrounded by food.  Try to pay attention to the taste, if you don't like it, don't finish it.  No one is paying attention, and no one will be offended.  We're all entiltled to our taste preferences.  


December 1, 2016

One of my favorite handouts is called 15 Tips for Holiday Eating Without Weight Gain

I've got exactly 15 work days left until Christmas.  I thought I would post each tip and give my two cents about them.  


Tip #1

It is easier to get distracted from signals of physical hunger and satiety at social gatherings, especially if food is the main event.  Make an effort to pay close attention to your body's signals.  

My two cents:

How often do you end up hanging out close to the food spread. Try to remember the holidays are not just about the great food but also about catching up with family and friends, make events more about this than the food.  



October 18, 2016


Journalling...yup, I'm going there.  Journalling your food intake with detail can be of huge benefit.  Whether you're trying to acheive a nutrition goal, or whether you need to take an honest and objective look at your diet, journalling is a great tool.  


The many benefits of journalling your food intake:

- keeps you mindful

- helps achieve goals

- helps identify food intolerances

- keeps you accountable

- allows your dietitian more information to asses your diet

- helps you identify the good food choices you are making

- helps identify trends.


... the benefits are endless!  

Be sure to note the time, the amount and the specific type of food in your journal.  If you're not into pen and paper, try a food tracking app.  My fitness pal and are just two apps, check them out, there are tons!  



October 1, 2016


Getting bored of the same old dishes?  Need quick and easy?  There are so many options for sauces and seasoning blends, unfortunately they may have a lot of sodium in them which can affect your blood pressure.  Most spices and herbs have no added salt.  Look for seasoning blends without all the sodium.  Here are just a few options:


Club House

Blue Menu




Check out your spice aisle and see what you can find with no added salt.  


August 30, 2016


One week and the kids are back to school, time to get those healthy lunches and snacks ready!  Try to incorporate fruit and vegetables every day.  Yogurts also make for a simple snack, just remember to make sure it stays cool. 


Here is a Fact Sheet all about lunches prepared by the Dietitians of Canada.  


Check it out HERE.  




 August 16, 2016


Eat the rainbow!  There are so many fruits and vegetables out there.  As a Registered Dietitian,  I often get asked which ones are best. I always tell people they all offer different vitamins and minerals and you can find something good in each of them.  Have fun with it: try new fruits or vegetables you've never had before.  Try them in different recipes, cooked or raw.  Look into where they come from.  Make eating the rainbow fun!  






 August 2, 2016


Summer is still in full swing.  Maybe it’s time to try a new activity!  Anyone into Pokemon go?  Have you tried Geocaching?  


How about renting a kayak or paddle board or one of those "unique bikes".  I have yet to see a person in a unique bike without a smile, looks like so much fun!!


Check out Fun Rental North Bay for more information.  Get out there and enjoy the great summer weather!







*picture from Fun Rentals Website*


July 19, 2016


A couple months left of picnic weather!  Legumes are great foods full of fibre and protein.  Make a Black Bean, Chickpea and Avocado salad for the next family picnic!  Pulse Canada has some great recipes and information about legumes, check it out HERE.  







July 6, 2016



BBQ season is in full force!  Pork tenderloin, chicken breast and shrimp are great lean meat options.  Don’t forget your vegetables; asparagus, peppers, mushrooms and onions are great on the grill.  Grilled pineapple makes for a tasty dessert.  




 June 22, 2016


It’s almost berry season!  Enjoy a day of physical activity by picking some berries.  Find a fun salad or recipe to enjoy your berries.  







June 8, 2016


Eat at least one dark green and one orange vegetable each day.  Try snacking on carrots at lunch and having a spinach salad with supper.  



 May 26, 2016


Get your Omega-3s by eating two servings of fatty fish every week.  Salmon, trout, sardines and herring are examples of fatty fish.  A portion the size of a deck of cards is 1 serving.  





May 13, 2016


Enjoy and really taste your food with all your senses.  The more you taste and enjoy, the less you may need to feel satisfied.  

Try putting your fork or spoon down between bites OR try using a small spoon or fork for smaller bites.  






 April 27, 2016


It's still cool out there, but the sun is shinning!  

Walking can get boring.  Take note of the different colours of leaves or listen to the different bird sounds.  Try to enjoy your walks! 


Check out and take advantage of the great trails in and around North Bay.






April 14, 2016


Try your best to eat food at the table, not in front of the TV. 











  1, 2016

Aim for ½ a plate of vegetables at you supper meal.  Balanced meals can help keep you full and get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to work properly.














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