Craving Change


Emphasis is usually put on what, when and how much to eat. The Craving change approach looks at why we eat the way we do. Most of us know that eating an apple is healthier than eating chocolate cake, so why do we often choose the chocolate cake despite our best intentions?
The four key concepts of the craving change approach will help you:

• Understand why it is hard to change your eating
• Identity your personal triggers for problematic eating
• Learn to respond to your triggers differently
• Maintain these changes

Research around the world has identified that behaviour change outcomes improve when people are encouraged to be self-managers and to identify internal and external factors that promote or prevent change. The Craving Change approach helps you explore the various factors that could be triggering your food cravings and to use thinking and behavioural strategies to make healthier choices more often. A referral is needed from a Blue Sky FHT physician or nurse practitioner to see a dietitian or social worker trained in the craving Change approach, who will use this approach in individual counselling.