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Many people have been cooking up a storm during these past few months.  This is fantastic!  Cooking at home can be just as tasty as eating out.  Here are a few links to some great recipes websites:

Our very own staff recommended recipes can be found HERE.

Some lower carbohydrate recipes tested by our very own Registered Dietitian can be found HERE.

More recipes collected from other Family Health Team Registered Dietitians across Ontario found HERE.

A catalogue of recipes put together by the Dietitians of Canada can be found HERE.

Canada’s Food Guide website also have a lot of recipes to try and can be found HERE. is the another great site that has a link to recipes and can be found HERE.

Remember that cooking is a skill and can take a little practice.  You may not like everything you make, keep having fun in the kitchen.  Bulk stores are great for getting small amounts of spices or ingredients you need for your new recipes.