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It’s Mental Health Week and I’m not sure how everyone is doing these days.  We’re isolated from loved ones, our routines are off, we’re worried about money and health and our education.  It’s a tough time.  Even the staff at Blue Sky Family Health team are feeling it.  Here are what some of us are doing to manage these tough times.  

Tom, our Health Promoter – He takes a few minutes to play with his 2 year old husky.  

Kyla, our Admin Assistant – She will take her running routine outside as the weather improves.  She also loves listening to music.

Andrea, our Registered Dietitian – She needs a change of scenery and likes to get out of her house and neighbourhood and explore the many trails around North Bay with her dog.  She is also looking forward to Ohana Yoga Studio virtual classes. 

Mark, our Registered Social Worker – He likes to check in and come up with something that he is grateful for in the midst of all this. At dinner time he and his family share their favourite part of the day. The four year old says some pretty hilarious things (which also helps) and the baby smiles and throws a spoon .  Mark also feels better after a run.  

Jean, our Registered Nurse – She tried a new recipe called Greek Cinnamon Chicken. A bit of work but it was worth it. She has been walking a lot also,  the Laurentian escarpment is her second home. 

Veronica, our Registered Dietitian – She has been connecting more with her family and friends using video apps.   

One thing I’m hearing a lot of lately is more snacking on treat type foods.  This is of course normal, they tend to make us feel good!  In the long run this may not help our health, try and stick to your usual routine and try other ways to manage your stress/anxiety during this time.     



The Nutrition Nook is where Andrea and Veronica, your Blue Sky Family Health Team Registered Dietitians will be posting mini newsletters, recipes, healthy eating tips and more.  Check out the great information posted here.

Veronica and Andrea