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What type of meal planning works for you?

Meal planning Style 1:

Write all your meals and snacks down and make a grocery list of what you need.  Some do this with the coupons page laid out in front of them.  This is the tradition meal planning that most people think of.

Meal planning Style 2:

Plan to cook two large meals during the week when you have time. Aim to have leftovers to use for the next day or two.  Add the ingredients needed to your grocery list.  You make Meal 1 on Monday (or Tuesday if things get busy on Monday).  Meal 2 can be made on Wednesday (or Thursday if things get busy on Wednesday).  

Meal planning Style 3:

Plan for ONLY suppers or ONLY lunches or whichever is the meal that gets forgotten about the most.  

Meal planning Style 4:

Plan one day at a time.  Ask at supper time what to have the next day at supper.   Keep the choices simple; “do we want chicken or salmon? Carrots or broccoli? Rice or potatoes?” 

Hopefully one of these planning styles helps to reduce this conversation at the last minute:

Partner 1: “what do you want for dinner tonight?”

Partner 2: “I don’t know, what do you want?”

Cooking with Blue Sky Family Health Team

Many people have been cooking up a storm during these past few months.  This is fantastic!  Cooking at home can be just as tasty as eating out.  Here are a few links to some great recipes websites:

Our very own staff recommended recipes can be found HERE.

Some lower carbohydrate recipes tested by our very own Registered Dietitian can be found HERE.

More recipes collected from other Family Health Team Registered Dietitians across Ontario found HERE.

A catalogue of recipes put together by the Dietitians of Canada can be found HERE.

Canada’s Food Guide website also have a lot of recipes to try and can be found HERE. is the another great site that has a link to recipes and can be found HERE.

Remember that cooking is a skill and can take a little practice.  You may not like everything you make, keep having fun in the kitchen.  Bulk stores are great for getting small amounts of spices or ingredients you need for your new recipes.