Hypertension Management Program


The objective of the Hypertension Management Program is to help people and their healthcare providers better manage and control high blood pressure.  People who have a diagnosis of high blood pressure, or elevated blood pressure readings on two or more visits can join this program.  Participation in the program is voluntary.
The Hypertension Management Program is an evidence-informed chronic disease management program to improve the diagnosis, management and control of hypertension by healthcare providers and patients according to clinical best practice guidelines.
Key elements of the Hypertension Management Program include professional education, practice support and extensive tool kits for healthcare providers to improve detection, management and treatment (both medication and lifestyle) and to support patient self-management.
The patient toolkit includes educational/self-management resources:
  • “Take the Pressure Off” patient resource book that includes a log book for patients to track progress on a number of chronic conditions and lifestyle areas of change
  • Fact sheets on DASH diet, sodium reduction and the importance of making lifestyle changes to reduce blood pressure
A referral is needed from a Blue Sky FHT physician or nurse practitioner to join the Hypertension Management Program.