What is a Family Health Team (FHT)?

Family Health Teams are health care organizations that include a team of family physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers, dietitians, and other professionals who work together to provide health care for their community. Family Health Teams provide more service and a wide range of health options, especially for people who don’t have a doctor. Family Health Teams ensure that people receive the care they need in their communities, as each team is set-up based on local health and community needs. They focus on chronic disease management, disease prevention and health promotion, and work with other health care organizations, such as public health units and Community Care Access Centres.

Are you looking for a family health care provider?

Health Care Connect is designed to help you find a family health care provider. You may want to consider registering for the program if:

• You are actively looking for a regular provider for ongoing family health care needs;
• You have a valid OHIP card; and
• You are not currently enrolled with a family health care provider according to Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care records.

To register with the program, simply call 1-800-445-1822. You will need a pen, some paper and your OHIP card when you call Health Care Connect.